my go-to look this spring [outfit]

my go-to look this spring [outfit]

My go-to look this spring is a pleated skirt with a lightweight baggy jumper and casual boots

An outfit I wear on a daily basis, that’s what this look is about. A pleated skirt which I wear high waisted and with a midi length. On top I love to wear a baggy jumper, light knitted or even jersey. This can also be a cardigan or a loose shirt or blouse. I always tuck them in the waistband to create silhouette. I pair this with my cowboy boots which wear so comfortable. This is my go-to look, comfortable yet fashionable. When I could wear whatever I wanted I didn’t realize how much I loved my jeans. After giving birth with a C-section jeans and pants aren’t really comfortable for a full day so I had to adjust. It might not suprise you but it did to me, I have lots of cute skirts in my closets. Which I re-discovered.

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This jumpers wears so lovely because of the fine knit. I have to admit, I bought this one in several colours about two years ago with H&M. Though they often have similar styles in spring, so keep your eyes open. It’s light weight makes it okay to wear it tucked it but still as comfortable and warm as a jumper should be. The fit is very boxy which I don’t like anymore, but it’s perfect to wear like this. This is a size XL from the regular collection which fits me perfect with my size 20.

A very hot item at them moment: the pleated skirt. Couple of years ago I wrote about such skirts and that they probably don’t fit me with my broad hips. But like any other style, there are lots of differents fits and I just had to try each one of them to find out the A-line pleaded skirts are perfect for me. Who said you can’t make a trend work for you? The top part of the skirt is flattened out but my hips but since I wear it high waisted that’s not a problem. And the rest of the skirt keeps its cute please as you can see in the photo above.

The length is new for me, I always feel like I’m really short! I love short skirts and dresses, but at the moment this is not very convenient with a newborn. So I decided, if these items are in my closet I might as well make it work. Such skirts wear so nice, with tights or even bare legs because of the midi length this works just perfect! The skirt has a narrow fit at the waistline. This is a size 20, EU 48 so keep that mind when shopping. Perhaps you have them in our closet, cowboy boots? Hello 2000’s! I love them and I also have a similar pair in black in my closet which I have for years and still look great. They say don’t buy new shoes during your pregnancy but I did because these real leather boots were a bargain! And they wear so nice because of the little heel. Even though these aren’t a wide fit they still fit me perfectly, which pleasantly surprised me. Even in shoes it’s all about shop your shape and not your size.

jumper H&M
skirt Boohoo Plus
boots boutique shop
belt Primark
sunnglasses Kruidvat
earrings Ali Express


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