just like Marilyn

just like Marilyn

Just like Marilyn but a little different; some outfits give me that feminine vibe

Who was more feminine than Marilyn Monroe? I felt truly like a girl, all happy in my new dress. This really happens to me when I find a dress I love, it makes me happy and I love the way that feels. It has always been like this, ever since I was a little girl. Perhaps that is the reason why I love fashion so much, a true passion.

marilyn marilynmarilyn

I remember it so well, I was about six years old and I was lying in bed. It was still early when I woke up and the sun rays were coming through my curtains and were shining on my closet. When I looked up I saw something shining in that early morning sunshine: my new dress. My mom sewed it in the evening and hanged it in my room. It’s my oldest fashion-happiness memory, thank you mom!

“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” – Marilyn Monroe

That fashion makes my heart beat a little faster doesn’t surprise you. However I still have those little moments of joy when I find a new treasure in the shape of a garment or outfit. Even if my closet is full, some things are never enough. A girl can never have too many dresses and this one is just perfect. It’s fitted at the top and it gradually widens at the bottom, a real skater dress. The top part is according to today’s trend with cold shoulders. I love how it covers up my upper arms and still has a sexy touch. Off course I brought it along on my holiday to the south of France where I shot these photos.


The dress is a UK size 20 which is a EU size 48. It’s made of a light scuba fabric and doesn’t shine trough. I love the romantic flower print, it suits the shape of the dress. The color white is not something I wear often but I love it, especially after a bit of sunshine. What kind of shoes to wear this with? These are the days I regret I can’t wear pumps but I love these sandals, which are getting old already.

dress Boohoo Plus
sandals Primark

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