Oh my, that dress it gorgeous but look at those tights.. these are even better!

The above line describes pretty much how I felt when I went shopping last weekend. So I couldn’t resist to share this outfit with you. A little black dress and these gold, magic tights. This was my Christmas outfit but it’s a great New Years’ Eve dress too. Do you like it? I shopped it during my weekend in Rotterdam and decided to make photos as well.

look at those tightslook at those tightslook at those tights

The dress is a size EU 48 and is the biggest size in this style. It’s a jersey in black with a little sparkle on it, which sometimes looks more like a shine. The beads at the neck are detachable and looks like you’re wearing a necklace. I love this! It’s easily combined with a short blazer or little cardigan if you don’t want bare arms. The skater dress is the perfect shape for my pear shaped body. But it’s all about are those tights! The golden printed sequins on the backside gives a lovely effect? The tights are a size 48-50 and fit me well. They go up to EU size 60.

look at those tightslook at those tightslook at those tights

What am I wearing? The dress I bought at C&A and I was pleasantly surprised about the price. It’s from the regular collection, which goes up to EU size 48 (UK size 20). It’s really worth giving a try to shop at the straight size collection, as the fit is not very narrow. Shop you shape, as always! The tights I shopped at Ulla Popken, my favorite tights shop and it’s a size 50-52, just to be on the save side. I was a bit disappointed to see that most tights were changed and are now a lot more shiny, as I like the dull tights. But this pair is just in between, a light shine only.

dress C&A
tights Ulla Popken
earrings H&M (old)
heels New look wide fit


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