A true match don’t you agree, leopard & gold + GIVEAWAY

Never would have imagined that I would ever wear a leopard print, let along matching it with gold. After doubting for a whole I decided to go for it and bought this leopard printed coat. Once I tried it on, I was hooked. I love fashion, I love (most) trends but I’m also very stubborn. I do like fake fur and I’m also in for a good statement piece but the leopard print was a 2.0 for me. Well, the last miracle of this year, Josine in a leopard print. For years I disliked animal prints. Then again, I also didn’t like velvet or faux leather, I always thought it was tacky. So you see, people and opinions can change. For the better! Read below how you can win this bag! 

luipaard & goudluipaard & goudluipaard & goud

The backpack is the bag you should have! Dennis was making these photos and was teasing me all the time, like I was a schoolgirl. Oh so funny, you can see it from my face on the photos. But seriously, for all the fashionistas here, isn’t this bag just gorgeous? Well, it’s not for my unfortunately. I get to give this bag away! To you, perhaps. How to enter? Leave a message below why you want to win so I see you have entered and perhaps you rock the new year in style. Don’t forget to leave your email-address, as the winner will be informed by mail. You can enter up to Sunday 8th January till midnight AMS.

luipaard & goudluipaard & goud

Go for the gold! For real. In 2017 it’s all about the colour gold. We’ve had silver, we’ve had bronze and now it’s gold. You see it everywhere, from home accessoires, to watches snd jewellery. Also in fashion and shoes. Little details, or a statement piece like this backpack. I like to combine it with the animal prints, it’s a perfect match, a little over the top like it should be. The coat I shopped on sale at the H&M plus division and I really like this style. What do you think?

coat H&M+
blouse c/o Zizzi
jeans oud
tights c/o Yours Clothing
schoes H&M
backpack c/o BonPrix shop here, also in silver

thank you BonPrix for making this giveaway possible  

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