Fierce in yellow, let’s make that lemonade!

Do you know the quote when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? For a long time it didn’t make any (real) sense to me, up to now when I’m sitting at home with that bag of lemons in my hand. I thought of this while writing up this blog post, wearing yellow. A colour I never really wore before up till now. The color of the season and variations for the seasons to come. Brighten up my world!


Everywhere you find these quotes, the funniest, cutest but also inspring words which can rally give you a boost. The colour yellow is on trend, so to me this quote was very inspirational in my current life situation. Those lemons I got, figural speaking so now I need to find out how to make that lemonade. I have to say, it’s a lot tougher than I would imagine it to be. Like I wrote before, it needs time and that’s the only thing I’ve got, but one day I’ll shout out loud..

“I was served lemons but I made lemonade” – Beyoncé

Did you know that happiness is in the little things? It’s not a well paid job and enough money which makes you happy -though sometimes it can help- no, it’s in the small things. Every day I try to focus on these little pieces of bliss and I must say I’m getting there. I’m a demanding person, especially when it comes to myself so sometimes its hard no to judge the good things when all my goals haven’t been reached. My blog is a big part of this ongoing proces but I feel like I’m managing better, every day a little bit more.



Ik schreef al eens eerder dat ik meer kleur wil dragen, omdat ik meer thuis zit schiet dat er nog wel eens bij in. Met dit lemon gele jasje maak ik eigenlijk elke outfit fleurig en het zit ook nog eens heel lekker. Ik hou van stoere biker jacks en de mouwen hebben een stoffen inzetstuk, waardoor dit heel prettig draagt. Het jasje draag ik in maat 48 zodat ik er straks ook nog een vest of trui onder kan. Geel en jeans vind ik een perfect combinatie dus zo draag ik het meestal, deze jeans kennen jullie al en is mijn current favorite! 

This is a look I love to wear and it’s perfect for those days when the weather is acting crazy. Underneath I’m wearing a Carmen neckline blouse which is perfect because it’s made of viscose. It’s an off shoulder top with narrow straps, has a loose fit but somehow still gives a little waist. Sorry, I forgot to photograph this one separately. Just a perfect top to go out, like I did for a lunch in Rotterdam on a sunny terrace.



biker jack & top c/o MS mode
jeans River Island Plus
sandals market
purse c/o Top Vintage
earrings Zeeman

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