layered prints

layered prints

Fall is here, it’s time for layered prints. Walking through the pittoreske Dutch city Alkmaar showing off my new outfit

This season it’s all about prints. What’s even better, we can combine them all together! Flowers and stripes can be a perfect match just have to give it a try. I’ll be honest, it takes a creative eye to know which matches but there is a trick. When you keep one print tonal and minimal and the other one a little more bold, it almost always matches. More important, wear whatever you love.

layered prints layered prints layered prints

For as long as I can remember I like to wear a blouse underneath my dress. So call me old fashioned, but when you wait long enough it will be back on trend. This season it’s an easy way to follow fashion, just wear layered prints and have fun! Just remember, when you love the combination you’re wearing the right thing.

“autumn is a second spring when every leaf is like a flower”

Alkmaar, a city in the north of Holland is so beautiful. Last week I went to a fashion events in this city and we decided to go early to make photos for le blog. What a beautiful city and I really loved the friendly people. One said hi, the others told us we were doing such a great job. It’s so lovely  when people are supportive and happy. They make me smile!

layered prints layered prints layered prints

Flowers are everywhere this season and especially on dresses. I love preppy so this is my season, let’s do this! The dress I’m wearing is a size EU 48 which is a UK 20. It’s made of a woven viscose and is very light. The waist is elasticated and underneath I’m wearing the blouse. It’s a black and white stripe and it’s a EU size 46, so UK 18.

You can find the direct shopping links below, however both items are in several colours. Underneath I’m wearing 40 Denier tights, as I started to prefer a little transparency. I think it looks better. The boots I’ve bought over a year ago and they’re still so gorgeous. The accessories make it a little less dull, the belt especially.


dress c/o Bonprix [shop here]
blouse c/o Bonprix [shop here]
tights Zizzi
boots Invito
belt bag Primark
earrings H&M
watch c/o Violet Hamden [shop here]

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