Something new, something original, something you don’t see every day: the kimono blouse. Perfect for those warm summer days!

To be perfectly honest, I’m ready for fall. The weather hasn’t been that great and I’m in an aircon office every day anyway! Though I’m not there yet, so I still like to style my looks of summer with a hint of fall. Perfect transition wear to style this summer styled, kimono blouse with jeans.

statement blouse

It sounds a bit weird but the blouse has a real meaning when it comes to fashion this season. A blouse is never out of style, but besides the classics shapes are some new original ones added. Like this kimono blouse, which as a loose fit and very wide fitting sleeves. It’s made of a very light fabric with little wrinkles in it which gives it that summer vibe. The wide fit makes it even more airy but at the same time it doesn’t emphasises my size.

I’ve paired it with jeans as this is always my go-to combination. However it’s also very nice to style it with shorts or a denim short skirt, for a more summer look. You can even go for that boho Ibiza style by adding some jewellery, denim shorts and casual boots. The blouse is a bit short which I really had to get used to, but now that I have I really like how it compliments my silhouette.

statement blouse

statement blouse

statement blouse

These pair of jeans can be worn all year long. Though this one has a little more to it, the stripe along the outseam of the jeans are so nice. Mark my words, we’re going to see a lot more of these the coming years. Obviously these are too long so I’m wearing it with a big turn up but I kind of like it with these high heels.

I’ve worn it a lot more after this look and I’ve cut off the bottom and kept a raw edge, love it! Did you know the washing can positively affect your shape? This one does, with the right lighter areas focussing on the legs and the darker tones covering up my belly. Perfect!

blouse c/o MS Mode
jeans c/o MS Mode
sandals Primark
necklace H&M

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