I wanna rock..

I wanna rock..

A little AC/DC in the early morning never hurt nobody, it’s just that.. “I wanna rock”

Oh well, not really but this wat came to mind when I saw this dress. I was looking for rock chick dress for a while but something was holding me back.

I wanna rockI wanna rock

He was (and is) very courteous and always gives me complements. Though he never wants to watch soccer or sports on tv, I became a bit suspicious. He was already 30 when I met him, in my eyes he was so old so what the heck was wrong with him? Oh my, now I know, he loves metal music all the way just without the black nails and long hair. So if he’s such a rocker, what was holding me back then?

I wanna rock

You might not know it but there’s a huge trend in metal and rock t-shirts going on for girls. From Metallica and Guns ’n Roses up to AC/DC, everywhere there are shirts with their print or a look-a-like print. This is a real no-go for the real rock and metal fans of course. According to them the girls who are wearing these items haven’t ever heard one song of these bands. Oh well, I have, perhaps not voluntarily but I have. Beaaaauuuuuiful, she said sarcastically.

I wanna rockI wanna rock

There isn’t a band-name mentioned on this dress so all the rockers shouldn’t be complaining. All though I did buy an AC/DC t-shirt but I really like that band and I even know a couple of songs, so I’m allowed I guess, lol. The dress is a size 22 since I wanted it to fit wide and these boots are new and I love them! I shopped them on sale in the regular collection and this jacket is my second skin at the moment, I love it and it’s a size M. All shopping details are below.

jacket c/o Miss Y by Yoek
tee dress Booho
tights c/o Zizzi
boots River Island
handbag c/o Monsak

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  • Neti 17 March 2017 07:13

    Rock on my Dear, you look so comfy and chic.

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