Only 39 days and we can say “hello spring” again, can’t wait

Normally I don’t really have issues with winter, or feeling blue however I’m starting to long for spring to come. Some sun, even a sea breeze could make me very happy right now. Perhaps it’s just my wanderlust poppin up again, as usual, I just want to run off to a warm country. Though spring is coming, it’s a little over a month when we can enjoy those longer, sunnier days.

hello spring hello springhello spring

Always with the start of a new season come new fashion collections, different colours, a new variety of prints and new trends. Slowly these collections are coming to the shops and when I see this, I really feel like spring can come a little earlier. The lightweight fabrics, flowy silhouettes are saying “Hello Spring”, can you hear it? Lately I’m into the nude colors and when I got to pick out an outfit I immediately had my eye on this look. This nude color is suitable for each season depending on how you style it. So here I’m wearing it with knee high boots and a blouse underneath for the cold.

hello springhello springhello spring

The dress is a straight fit and since I’m far from straight -my hips are a size bigger compared to the rest- I ordered it 2 sizes up. I love this print, it’s so cute and perfect to combine, even when you have a light complexion. I’m wearing the dress in a size 24 which is on the wide side but fits okay. This long blazer is a size UK20 and fits me perfectly, the sleeves are nice and fitted. And the long slits on the sides make my hips fit in perfectly. This look is just perfect for spring, though I will wear the dress separately as well and the blazer on a pair of rugged jeans.

long blazer & dress c/o Junarose
sleeveless blouse H&M
boots Forever 21
tights Ulla Popken
purse thrift shop

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