favorite sale item

favorite sale item

A new year and a new season is on its way. This means sale in all the shops! This was my favorite sale item which I shopped recently.

During sale I have the tendency to shop things I normally wouldn’t shop. Not because of the price or because of the brand, but because I have seen most collections already and if I would have loved it would have already bought it.

favoriete uitverkoopjeuitverkoopjefavoriete uitverkoopje

This shopping spree happened on the last day of 2015 when I went out to buy the typical Dutch treat oliebollen. Somehow I ended up the shops.. Oops! Oh yes I remember, I went in to buy a coat for my grandmother and ended up buying a lot more for myself too. Uh-oh! But that last minute, totally un-planned and spontaneous shopping spree resulted into my new favorite coat ever!

Actually, I never wear coats. Oh yes, the one I have because it has a big hood so when it rains I can easily walk from my car to the door. Wherever I am. But I rather wear a big cardigan which matches my outfit and don’t worry about a coat. The past month I have shown you a lot of party outfits and I realized that I can’t be wearing that casual coat over those cute dresses. I need a grown-up-coat.

There I was in the shop and suddenly I saw it hanging there in my size 48, the perfect black coat. So, what am I wearing? The coat is from MS mode and is available up to EU size 52. Currently it’s sold out in the webshop but check out the stores, like I did. The scarf is from H&M and the earrings are Primark. The boots and bag will follow in the next post.

favoriete uitverkoopjesaleuitverkoopje

coat MS mode
scarf H&M
bag c/o Topvintage
earrings Primark

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