empowered women, empower women | an outfit post with a message

empowered women, empower women | an outfit post with a message

Would you reply the same way to someone right in front of you, or when it’s on social media? We women can be so ruthless, especially online and that has to stop. Only us women can support each other, now that is body positivity!

Unfortunatelt I’ve been there, done that. A photo from my blog was shared on a facebook page of a brand. The negative comments were allover the place. Mean, disrespectful and even hurtful comments were made. Also so dumb ones, like “you have to dress this model differently” while it clearly says that I am a blogger. When people start with “sorry for saying this but..” means you can say whatever you want? Or even worse “I am plus size but I am not wearing this”. No shit Sherlock, you’re 68! It doesn’t matter what anyone says because I post my photo online and I can expect options. Nope!

“empowered women, empower women”

It might not be the happiest start of a blog but this is what happens often with bloggers. Big, small, fat, skinny. Disrespectlful comments and even offensive comments which are being told without thinking it through. Easily from behind a screen or desktop. The weirdest part is this: most comments are from women from our own plus size community! A group of women whom are plus size. Those women who know how it is to be judged continuously by our weight, by our looks. If you don’t like it, just scroll to the next message. And don’t give me that BS saying “I can have my opinion”, nope. Unless you can share this in a respectful way. But first start writing properly!

The real reason for my rant is because blogger colleague Evelien was wearing this dress recently. She showed it on social media and was looking amazing! Unfortunately there were a lot of people who were critisizing her look, even telling that her vagina was visible -which was not even close! Without respect, dumb and very negative. I was suffering a heartbreak while reading this. Not because they were wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It was about the way they were communicating, without any thoughts of the person on this photo, so cruel! These are women, fellow plus size ladies, people with our sizes. I was in shock! Why do you treat people this way, why not share your opinion differently. Or just for once shut up and go to the next page?

happy size polkadot plus size dress

a happier topic, what am I wearing?

The dress I am wearing is made from viscose, a light weight fabric with a beautiful drape. It’s perfect for this kind of weather, but also for summer. Don’t you just love the polkadot print? It’s such a happy print, though still stylish. Black and white combo’s are real classics but with the two different print colours it has a playful effect. The dress is a size EU 48 which fits UK 20. Its toppart wears comfortable, the sleeves have enough space to move freely. On the hips it’s a slightly too tight for me, so I just kept the buttons at the inside opened up, they fix the under wrap. A size bigger was too wide and now it’s just perfect.

Normally I am not really into the high-low dresses, where the front is shorter compared to the back. In this case it’s different, probably because the hem has a round cut shape. It makes the dress so elegant and it flows. The longer backside is something I appreciate more now that I am carrying around a baby all day, picking up things from the floor and beding over to fix her bib. Underneath I am wearing a cotton short legging in white. When it opens up with a little bit of wind that’s just fine, nothing to see here. The peep toe shoes are perfect for such dresses. These are wide fit and I have them for a while now, but matches my spring looks every time again.

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dress c/o Happy Size, Sara Lindholm
shoes c/o Yours Clothing
purse c/o Valentino
shades Bijoux Brigitte Tenerife

This is what Evelien looks like in the same dress, beautiful!

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