The dip dye of this top looks almost like a beautiful sunset

I was all exited because I was asked to walk in a fashion show of a plus size store. When I went over for the fitting I spotted this top and it was love at first sight. The light blue going into the warm cognac brown is beautiful and almost looks like the sun is going down into a grey blue sky.

degradé mat fashion degradé

Normally I’m not really into oversized or wide garments but for this tunic I made an exception. The love for these Colors and the dip dye effect made me want to try it. It’s a one size fits all top and this is true to size, as it doesn’t really has a fit. There are no sleeves, it rather is like a poncho which you throw on in stead of putting it on. There is a satin bow at the backside to adjust the width of the neck.

my favourite color is sunset

You could also wear it reversed, the back side at the front. The bow can be adjusted in a way so you can wear it off shoulder at one side, very elegant and also original. Unfortuntaly I didn’t make a photo of this look, but you can imagine it. I like to style a wide top with slim jeans, this slim fit jeans is perfect because of the subtle washing. Adding a pair of high heals to keep it feminine, my style.

degradétote bagdegradé

The top is a one size and can be worn in different ways. When summer starts I can also pair it with denim shorts, or even wear it over my swimwear. I’m guessing this will look fab! Underneath I’m wearing a basic which singlet, as the sides are open and I wouldn’t be comfortabel showing my love handles. The jeans are a size M and are made of a super stretch material, it wears comfortable and has a high waist. The heels look very high but aren’t, because of the plateau at the front.


top MAT Fashion c/o 44&More
jeans Yoek
sandals New Look
sunglasses Primark
handbag 44&More

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  1. Islandaise

    Hello Josine,
    I read your blog and I like your style, your ideas. You seem to have some nice shops for size 44 and more ..
    I spent a week (early april) in your country and I enjoyed ! But there is a problem : the shops close very very early (17;30 or 18), so very disappointed, I can’t have the opportunity to go shopping and find some “treasures” !

    • theBiggerBlog - Josine

      Hi Islandaise, thanks for your message. Where are you from?
      Indeed the shops are not open very long (only on Thursday or Friday night in the cities), this is terrible indeed. Whenever you come again, let me know 🙂


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