There’s a new meaning to love; it’s the crossbody love of handbags

Did you hear that yoke where Josine goes shopping and promises not to buy anything? During my -I’m not buying anything- day I returned these jeans, as I ordered double sizes. Returning by mail costs me money so I decided to make a day out of it. Oh yes I did return the second pair of jeans but I also went home with this gorgeous number of a handbag. So you see, the crossbody love handbag was added to my collection. No shame!

Lately I haven’t been shopping a lot and I can control myself. It’s not that I’ve been shopping online either so what’s going wrong? I shop stuff and I try them at home in stead of in the fitting room so when I don’t want to keep it or the fit is not okay, I’ll need to return it. Another shop moment, more temptation and lots more new collections. I know I shouldn’t be buying new handbags but this one stole my heart, it was €29,- well spend.




People actually ask me if I “always dress up like that” well, eh yes! Each day getting dressed is a new challenge and I come up with the newest combinations each time. When I went to Haarlem on a Sunday to pick up some stuff, I decided to make photos. I wasn’t planning on shooting, so sorry that’s it’s not as styled as you normally see. A spontaneous shoot, always fun and keeping it real. On a day like that where I’m running arrands I try to wear flats. These western style boots are a perfect combination of fashion and comfortable.

These jeans are from River Island Plus and it’s a UK size 20, which fits me like a EU48. The style name of these jeans is Molly and for me it’s a perfect fit, very skinny and yet comfortable at the waist. It’s a real skinny jeans with destroy and paint stains. Yes I actually paid money for this, I love a pair of ripped jeans! The striped blouse is a great basic for any wardrobe and I have it for a while already. The sweater is a real shop your shape which I bought at Zara. Because of the open backside I can wear it easily and it’s a fun detail.

sweater Zara
blouse c/o navabi, Jette
jeans River Island Plus
shoes Primark
handbag River Island

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