Strapless the casual way with sneakers

When you shop a new a dress it’s nice to know you can combine in it different ways, so let me show you casual strapless. You have seen me wearing this dress earlier with high heels and a sparkle clutch, but it’s time to show you the other way to combine this dress.

bandeau deel II bandeau deel II bandeau deel II

The sneaker trend is perfect to make an outfit more casual and more comfortable too. Wearing something comfortable doesn’t mean looking like an old tart! It means you make the right choices choosing your outfit. Let’s be honest, I love wearing high heels and the way it makes me feel but sometimes a pair of sneakers are like heaven to my feet. I shopped these Nike’s in sale and I haven’t regretted it for a second. Adding these sneakers to a preppy dress gives an edgy combo don’t you think?

They can imitate your style, but they can’t imitate your creativity

The bandana is hot! You see them everywhere right now and I’m a white one with black print, matching my outfit but you an choose any other color. When I made the photos it was really warm and a little scarf was actually a lot more comfortable then the necklaces I normally wear. The dress you’ve see before, it’s from H&M+ and I’m wearing size XL. Underneath the dress a pair of short leggings.

bandeau deel II bandeau deel II bandeau deel II

For when it gets chilled outside I have added this knitted bomber jacket. It’s made of a light weight knit in white with silver lurex and a metal zipper at front. The short length is perfect to wear on a skirt or dress so it accentuates the waist. I shopped the bomber at Primark and I’m wearing a size 20. Do you like this casual style on me?

jacket Primark
strapless bra Hunkemoller
dress H&M+
shoes Nike
scarf Ali express


same dress, different look:

strapless in black

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  1. Mia

    Its nice to see your strapless part two, you are 100% right, shoes going really well with dress. Good work keep it up!


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