bordeaux in Bordeaux

bordeaux in Bordeaux

Summer vibes continue, bordeaux in Bordeaux

What do you wear when you’re on holiday? I always bring too much, but I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. I always plan these cute outfits with matching shoes, hair bands, jewelry, everything. The whole nine yards. What do I finally wear? That what’s most comfortable that day, what’s easy to put on and what wears light. I’ve worn this dress so many times already.



Sale shopping can be a serious treasure hunt. I was so surprised that this dress was on sale! I didn’t see it before and I love it. It’s hard to see on the photo but the dress is made out of two fabrics, both jersey. The special jersey has a softer touch, almost velvet feeling. This is why the dress has such a gorgeous drape. I don’t always like to wear a light weight jersey dress because it can show too much. With the knot at the front and the fabric mix the dress falls perfect.

bordeaux bordeaux bordeaux

Fashionably late is the right expression for my sneakers! I never liked the low sneakers on me because I always thought it was showing my kankles but then I came to realize that this was just as much visible on the higher sneakers and that it was all in my head. I bought a few pair of sneakers and I just had to get used to them. Now I love them and wear them all the time. I like to mix them with dresses, to keep it casual.


I’m wearing the dress in a size 48 because I like the wider fit. The sleeves are short, but enough to cover up the upper arms. This color bordeaux, the color of wine is a beautiful color and suits all skin tones. I think I will also be wearing this dress is fall with tights and boots. Okay let’s keep it sunny for now! Underneath I’m wearing a pair of short leggings in cotton stretch. The handbag is so cute, I shopped this during one of my holidays in Thailand. Love these bright colors!

dress MS Mode (on sale)
sneakers Nike Air
handbag shopped in Thailand
sunnies Ali Express

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