Flashback in bomber & jeans

Every time fashion repeat itself but comes back slightly different. Times have changed, colors are new but the styles are back from the days. This look in inspired from the 1990’s in bomber jacket, ripped jeans and scarf detail. Let me know what you think of this look? You can find all shopping & size details at the bottom of this page.

bomber jack bomber jack bomber jack

A few months ago I already spotted this top and jacket during the kick off at MS Mode head quarters, but it took a while before they hit the shops. Finally, they’re here! The jacket is made of faux-leather and has a lining. The sleeves fit tight, the cuffs are small so shop it like a jacket, not as an outdoor coat. I am wearing a size 46.

be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey

The t-shirt has short sleeves and I’m wearing a size XL, hurry there are only a few left in stores. To complete the 90’s look is this scarf. I bought this many years ago at the thrift shop, where I find lots of treasures.

These jeans are from Zizzi and I’m wearing a size 50 which is slightly wider, but that’s fine. This way I can easily wear a fitted top and short jacket on top, because the loose fit at the waist prevent from showing the muffin top. The jeans has stretch in it and has a 34” length. Normally I always shop the short length but I liked the wide turn up.

I have combined the jacket with a skinny fit jeans because I wanted to emphasize my body shape since the jacket covers up my waistline completely. So it’s nice that the jacket is not too long.I have combined it with grey wedges to keep it casual but feminine. I once shopped these shoes in Mumbai, India when I was on a business trip and my flight got delayed. The purse is from the budget store Action and is made of cotton. It’s a clutch and is perfect to bring a few things along and add some life to the tonal colors.

jacket c/o MS Mode now on sale!
t-shirt c/o MS Mode
jeans Zizzi c/o Navabi
clutch Action

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