blue velvet

blue velvet

When the light hits that blue velvet, it becomes breathtaking

There is something magical about velvet. I fell in love with this bright blue color the minute I saw it. That glow & that flow of velvet is something I absolutely love about this dress.

blauw velvet blauw velvet blauw velvet

I’ve had the dress for a while already but wasn’t sure how to wear it. I love the off shoulder style, but in winter it can be a bit cold and I don’t like wearing a cardigan over it. A blouse is something I often wear under dresses, so in this case I decided: why not? As always I love to make it more preppy then it originally is. This striped blouse I already got last year and I thought it was a cute combo.

She wore blue velvet. Bluer than velvet were her eyes – Lana del Rey

So sometimes when I buy something new, I automatically combine it with an old item. In this case an item which I don’t wear that often. Sometimes a new item can uplift the older items. Funny how that works. The velvet is so elegant and chic but sometimes it can also be a little bit too much. I easily feel overdressed with a fabric like this so it’s not something I wear very often. By combining it with this light weight blouse I add some colour and also make it a little less dusty.

blauw velvet blauw velvet blauw velvet

The dress is a size 20m from Primark which fits like a size 48. It’s a bit on the short side, so I’m wearing it with a very dense pair of tights. The boots I already got last year and these are from New Look. I love the way they fit me. The scarf is one I borrowed from Edith from StyleHasNoSize, too bad she noticed it when it was still around my neck after shooting, or else I could have kept it! Now.. just joking. So what do you think of this velvet trend, are you joining me in this fashion journey?


dress Primark
blouse Jette c/o Navabi
tights c/o Yours Clothing
boots New Look
handbag Paul’s Boutique
scarf borrowed from Edith


more velvet:

burgundy & black

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  • Marsha 20 December 2016 11:18

    Heel leuk gecombineerd! Staat je goed!

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