This lovely dress is really a form of black elegance. Simple, stylish and sexy.

Sometimes you find a dress and you know this is going to be a long term relationship. Stop laughing, I mean it! Such a dress which you can wear to any occasion, made from everlasting beautiful fabric and a shape that really complements a women’s figure, simple black elegance.

charmant zwartcharmant zwart

The Dutch brand Yoek has asked me to participate in their International Winter Bloggers Challenge and I accepted. I choose this gorgeous dress and I am very happy with my choice! The fun part about this dress is that you can shop it in (almost) every size, from a EU size 38 up to size EU 60. The fitted long sleeves makes it elegant. The fact that the dress doesn’t show a lot of skin is not a problem, because the way the dress is shaped, it emphasizes each body in the right way. The drape and metal clip at the waist show of your figure, the V-neck creates body length and the drape at front covers up a little of your (possible) belly. A great dress for any occasion!

charmant zwartcharmant zwart charmant zwart

The dress I am wearing a size L. The dress is also available in a lovely print. Do you like my outfit? Check out the links below to see what I am wearing and where to shop. The dress has the perfect drape, as the jersey is a little heavier. These tights are amazing and go up to EU size 60. The heels are perfect to make a dress even more elegant, don’t you agree? Because of the plateau it doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing high heels.


dress c/o Yoek
tights Ulla Popken
heels New Look wide fit

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