beach vibes on my mind 

beach vibes on my mind 

Sand, sunshine and sea.. a day at the beach in the south of France. Summer time, a sea breeze and enjoying some much needed rest, I’ve got beach vibes on my mind

Such a day when it’s warm but not extremely hot, a little breeze and some clouds. To me this is the perfect beach day. Recently I went to the south of France to enjoy a couple of days with friends. Time to relax and do things we feel like doing in stead of must do’s. On our day to the beach I finally could wear my new dress and decided to photograph them while we were there. I love dressing up and sometimes this even happens when going to the beach. This was such a day where I went all the way, feeling good and embracing the beach vibes.

beach vibes beach vibes beach vibes

It feels like forever, when we were in France but perhaps that’s because of the weather here? It took me a while to post this look as I didn’t like the outcome of the photos. There was lots of wind that day and the way the dress photographed looked completely different compared to real life. You could see everything, also because the sun was high at the moment of shooting. I felt so insecure and was so bummed that it actually made me feel not so good about myself. I confronted the mirror and it told me otherwise. The dress is cute and yes, when it’s tightened -for example because of the wind- it might show some dimples and bumps. But this is also me!

“girls just wanna have sun”

I shopped the dress at Forever 21 in their Amsterdam store [edit: it has been closed]. The yellow color is so beautiful and warm, I like mustard in any kind of way, lol. It has a loose drape which I love, especially going to the beach with a the sand and everything. The off shoulder give it that real beach vibe. The bandana I had for a while already and the sandals I shopped at a local market. Without knowing it I brought a complete set, and I love it! Sometimes outfits just appear unintentionally.

beach vibes beach vibes beach vibes

When I go to the beach, even when I dress up, it has to be easy and comfortable. I like to have something at hand to quickly put on when we go for drinks. You know, I am not really a beach type, never have been. Not as much because of my insecurities, because I love to go to the pool! I just don’t like the dirty sand, which is everywhere. Walking a mile just to take a pee (no, not in the ocean). But somehow each time I go to the beach I do enjoy it a lot. It’s a thin line between love and hate. The beaches at the Atlantic coast in the south of France remind me of my childhood and brings me such warm memories, it’s magic those waves and wide beaches.

what are your summer holiday plans?


dress Forever 21 Plus
bandana Primark
earrings H&M
sandals market in France

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