Some days I like to go back to basics with my outfit. A classic style is timeless!

To be honest, I don’t really think about which day of the week it is when I start to dress up in the morning. I wake up and I have a certain image in my head of what I want to wear that day. One day it’s a skirt and heels, the next day I prefer casual jeans and sneakers. You can imagine the issues I have when packing up for a weekend away! Some people ask me what I wear ‘normally’, well this is something you could see when you run into me.

Now that I spend lots of days at home I tend to wear more comfortable items, even if this sounds awful! Luckily casual and comfy are one of the current trends, so I get a way with it easily. Some items you’ve seen many times already, like these sneakers, these are my favorites. Even these jeans, which I’ve been wearing for over a year are like basics now. The pullover I shopped last year on sale and I wear it very often, stripes are always okay!



When I get up in the morning, I decide what to wear. This day I went for jeans and sneakers, as I wanted to take a stroll downtown for groceries. I decided to layer up the outfit, going back to basic with these black and white items. Now that the weather is not so good, I like to layer things up. Wearing a blazer over a pullover is perfect on days when I don’t want to wear a coat and I like how it looks. A casual look on a casual day, which I often combine with a hat or a cap. I love to wear those, I’m a real hat addict!

blazer MS Mode
blouse & pullover H&M
jeans & bag Primark
sneakers Nike Air Force 1
hat c/o Big Girlz

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