autumn tones & winter white

autumn tones & winter white

Winter time has stared but it’s not really cold yet. Though it’s grey outside and on those days I like to layer up. Autumn tones combined with winter white, my outfit of last weekend

During the transition from summer to winter we have that perfect season in between, which starts prepping us for the cold. What to wear during those days, I always love to layer it up just so I’m prepared. I can’t believe it’s almost November already because it’s not really cold here in The Netherlands (yet). Layering goes from top till toe; I also love wearing a hat, beanie or baret. Whatever the weather brings me, I’m prepared. Plus, it also covers up my bad hair days because what does the moist in the hair do for my hair, oh my! This weekend I wore this outfit, a little bit of fashion and a lot of comfort. The right balance if you’d asked me.

I love to see how my style remains the same, but I wear it differently. Does that even makes sense? When I just started blogging I really wanted to show fashion. I absolutely love(d) it, but it’s also very intense. It’s not always the most convenient combination but it did was a nice way to express myself. Searching for special items to finish a certain look, finding the latest fashionable details in my size gave me a huge thrill. That hasn’t completely stopped, but I do prefer now to make photos of outfits that I actually wear that day. It makes it more real for me, and in a different way creative. Because I love comfort, but I also love fashion and thus I keep on searching for the right way in between.

autumn trends

One of the autumn trends is wearing layers. A comeback each year, but this time around a little different. A huge chunky cardigan combined with a fragile, feminine dress or skirt is a fun trend. Having different lengths is not a problem, this makes it a little more casual. This way you can also combine it with a floorsweeper length dress or a wide pleated skirt, for example. Western details is another trend of this season, which I absolutely love. Boots with a pointed nose and sculpted edges but just a little more refined than western boots, again feminine but casual. The accessories like a fedora hat and the double buckle belt with antique silver buckles or the shoe belt with studs are those little eyecatchers to finish an outfit. It’s all in the details.

what am I wearing?

The whole look is from Happy Size, at the end of the article you can find all items linked. You’ve seen more blogs about this multi brand webshop. They offer different well known plus size brands, starting at size EU 42 (UK14) and sell different segments and price levels. Lots of choices and options. The items I’m wearing are from their own brands. The cardigan is a size 48/50 and is a chunky knit in winter white; I love pairing it with soft tones but with black is also cute. In fall I love to finish my look with a nice cardigan, oversized and with pockets, perfect. The black dress has such a lovely print in autumn tones. It’s a skater dress, which is fitted at the top and flares at the hem, my perfect shape dress. It’s a size EU48 (UK20) and fits normal. Underneath the dress I’m wearing a winter white top with lace toppart, making the cleavage disappear and showing the lace details. It’s made of jersey and I’m wearing a size EU 46 (UK18) and fits perfect and is a bit long, perfect!

A jersey dress wears so comfortable but I do miss a little details, like buttons or such. So I always pair it with a belt, this one I have for years and is a perfect match with the current Western trend. With a bit of wind, lots of moist in the air and a bad hardy -as I need to go to the hair dressers- I decided to wear my hat again. Forgot about it during summer but remembered why I always love wearing them, gives a little extra to each outfit!

vest c/o Happy Size Sara Lindholm
top c/o Happy Size Angel of Style
jurk c/o Happy Size, angelofstyle
ceintuur river island plus
van haren
panty snagtights

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