all about our gender reveal party!

all about our gender reveal party!

Completely spontaneous we decided to throw a gender reveal party! It was a Baby-Q where we told the gender over out baby to our family

Lots of parents-to-be can’t wait to know the gender of their sprout. Nowadays you can know the gender from 15 weeks and up while  Not in our case, we were totally unprepared and kept surprisingly patient!

It was on Monday 30th of July, on my fathers’ birthday that we had the 20 weeks medical ultrasounds scheduled. Since I was sick up to about week 13 everything went at a slow paste. Besides being sick we also awaited the nipt test, of which the results came in week 13 as well. The week after we told our family and also graduatelly to friends. It was such a busy but fun period of time and the weeks went by so fast. We never really thought of planning an extra ultrasound to determine the gender of our baby.

Once in the hospital for the 20 weeks ultrasound they asked us upfront if we wanted to know the gender of our baby. Off course! They informed us that the ultrasound was a medical check up and determining the gender is not part of it. When they could see it, they would inform us but if they couldn’t see it we had to make our own separate appointment to check it once more. Luckily in our cases it was easily seen and very clear, there was no doubt about the gender.

gender reveal party

do we want to know the gender or not?

Well I might be so clear in saying, of course we want to know but it hasn’t been like that always. There are lot of people who don’t want to know, who think it looses its charme of having kids. For some even it’s forbidden by culture or religion. In the past I’ve always said I wouldn’t want to know but about nine years ago that all changed when I became an aunt. I hated not knowing what that little creature would be, like it’s one step closer to meeting the baby. Dennis has always said he would want to know, so when we got pregnant there was no questions about it, yes we want to know!

All together the ultrasound went well. The little worm was moving like crazy and lots of measurements had to be done twice. It was also twisting and turning to the wrong side, so it was a bit of a challenge for the doctor. We were so excised to see the baby and all its contours. It was so much more clear to see the person it was becoming, compared to the previous ultrasounds. At size weeks it was just a fit with a heartbeat and at 12 weeks it had more shape but not like this. It was beautiful to see the growth!


We haven’t told anyone about the date of the ultrasounds which was a challenge. Everyone kept asking hoping we would let it slip. After the ultrasound we were so exited and whole driving over to my parents for my dad’s birthday we decided we should tell our family in a fun way. I went online, searched some inspiration on Pinterest and found a fun text, which would be the base of our gender reveal party on Friday august 3rd 2018!

“bun in the oven
burgers are on the grill
welcome to the BaByQ!”

So we invited both our parents, my siblings and attachments and of course my gran. I stopped at a few shops to buy decoration in white, blue and pink. I also found ‘the’ ballon in black with inside confetti in the color of the gender. Something I would have done differently perhaps if I had more time to plan, but in hindsight it was just perfect. I love how it all went so spontaneously!

We didn’t really talk it through other than that we had to s nap the ballon in order to show the gender color. So then and there we decided to start with a toast, for which we bought champaign and a non alcoholic version. Dennis decided everyone should pick up a cup in the color they thought the gender would be, blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Everyone hold a blue cup, besides a few. My gran hold both as she kept on saying it wouldn’t matter to her, the 94 y/o sweetheart. I just thought she wanted double Champaign! The grans-to-be of the little bun were chose to snap the ballon and there they go!

confetti in color..

It was everywhere, pink confetti was flying around. Tears were running down their faces and everyone hugged us till we couldn’t breath. Time for dinner! It was so funny as almost everyone thought it would be a boy, they were all so surprised. We didn’t know it but we had a hunge. So when people ask us if we’re happy with it I always reply “yes that’s what I had ordered”. Of course it didn’t matter to us, a boy or a girl, as long as it’s healthy! Though I love the thought of being a mom to a girl, wether she loves glitter and skirts or if she likes to go skateboarding with dad.

All together it was such a fun night and we have enjoyed every second of it! We got a lovely present, a huge diaper cake (as we call it in Dutch) which my sister had made. It was built up from rolled up diapers and there were lots of little gifts all around it. My brother made the card, which says a prosperous pregnancy”. Time for some food! The BBQ was lit and we all talked about the news, names were being thought of and we ended the summer evening with a smile on our faces.

what did you expect, a boy or a girl?

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