Minions are fashionable

You wouldn’t think so but Minions are fashionable! The color Minion Yellow was added to the Pantone’s color guide. What a happy color.

Those little yellow guys are hot! At least their color is. Pantone has decided to add this bright yellow color to their guide: Minion Yellow.

Minions are fashionable

If you don’t know Pantone, this company lists all colors and is on top of all trends. All fashion companies work with these color codes too. It’s very important for them to follow the latest trends, not only for fashion but for all fields. They have developed this bright yellow color and created a custom made color reference.

Pharrell Williams worked with Despicable Me to create the music, he came up with the idea to collaborate with Pantone for this special trend color. A good idea! The color does indeed brings you a happy feeling.


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