Maxi dress

It’s getting warmer, summer is almost here. Time to grap your maxi dress again for those warm summer days. Shabby chic or classy & sophisticated?

Everybody loves the maxi dress, depending on the shape, this is a dress that everybody can wear. If you don’t agree, then don’t, but just wear whatever you like. As long as you feel great, you’ll look great!

Lots of plus size women I talk to love the maxi dress. There are various shapes to find so I can understand, it’s very comfortable and fashionable at the same time if you wear it right. You can go for luxe or you can go for the beach look. Whatever you like, with the right dress you can look great.

maxi dress Dresses Unlimited via Navabi | purse Mango | hat Violeta by Mango
earrings Yours Clothing | bracelet Mango | heels Duo Boots

When I saw this dress I was in love. What a wonderful dress, colors, design and print. All together it’s just perfect! Though I need some sun first.. How would you wear this one, shabby chic or classy and sophisticated? This color complements any skin type, this deep coral color is beautiful.

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