love for denim

love for denim

In the summer of 2017 we share the love for denim, and lots of it too

It’s March so you might think I’m losing my mind, talking about summer but that’s not the case. Before you know it ut’s summer and we’ll be ready for the trends of 2017. With summer on my mind I checked out the trends and one of the major ones is denim. This summer we have a huge love for denim and I will tell you what we will be wearing, and how!

jeans skirt

Back on trend is the jeans skirt, in different shapes and washes. As a fitted skirt, a baggy casual skirt or even a pencil skirt you name it, but all with a washing to it. Clean denim is not to be found in this seasons’ fashion. Lots of destroyed parts, even holes in them and frayed or raw edges. The cut and frayed bottom hems is something you see a lot, casual and even shabby.

zomer 2017 looks zomer 2017 looks zomer 2017 looks

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These denim skirts are all available in a wide size range, starting from EU size 36 up to EU size 52 (UK size 22-24). I’ve added the direct links to these skirts, so if you want to start shopping just click on the image you like. Denim is one of the biggest trends of 2017 and it’s very easy to combine. What to wear on such a skirt? Go for a casual, oversized or big hooded sweater or cardigan. When that’s too chunky in your opinion, just go for a top like a cool t-shirt or a classic blouse, tuck into the waistband at the front and create your own style. Wear it with a big knitted cardigan or a biker jacket if you want to cover up more.

denim jacket

A statement pieces like a denim jacket is on trend for the coming spring and summer time. Perhaps you have a regular denim jacket is your closet alrwady, well wear it again because it’s on trend. It doesn’t matter which shape it is, we see biker jeans jackets, regular shapes jackets but also the ones with more details. Like a Mao collar, volants, embroidered, heavily washed and destroyed, with patches, you name it. It’s always a great combination with (almost) any outfit.

zomer denim 2017denim zomer 2017zomer denim

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The jacket can be worn oversized as well, so if you know someone who isn’t wearing their jacket, like your boyfriend for example, just wear that one. It matches any outfit, only when you combine it with denim please make sure it’s not the same jeans color. Bright white, stripes, small flower prints and all those other summer prints go perfectly with denim. If you want to go for fashion all the way, combine it with an oversized hooded sweater in a bright, sweet color.

not any jeans

The jeans with lots to it is what we see everywhere in the shops and they make my heart beat a little harder. I love a pair of good jeans, lots of washing treatments and even some extra added details can be cute. These jeans below are really fun and they’re available in a wide size range as well. Who said you can’t find the perfect pair of jeans as a curvy girl?

zomer denim zomer denimzomer denim

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What’s so much fun about plus size fashion is that slowly there are more and more brands who present plus size jeans. You can really just try different shapes and sizes and even brands before finding the right pair, but ut dies exits fr sure. Besides the standard fits like skinny, slim fit, straight and boyfriend we have a new fit. This is called the mom jeans and look like a pair of un-fitting jeans which are high waisted. One which your mom might have been wearing in the 1990’s.

denim love

My love for denim is not a secret, I love them and also wear it a lot. Each season it’s okay to wear denim and jeans but this season it’s a must have. The best part about it is that it really matches everything and most styles. Even if you don’t like the destroys and the bleaches denims, there are also lesser variations. Whatever you like, there is a pair which matches you.


Of course I’m keeping you posted on the current fashion trends so that’s why I’m (hopefully) inspiring you to go denim shopping thuis season? I found all of these items at wehkamp and I’m curious to know what you think. How do you feel about this trend and would it be something or you? I know I would!



which items would you wear?


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