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Mallorca shopping: October

fashion & trends TRAVEL 4 October 2016 0 Comments

On the beautiful island Mallorca I cold finally try out the whole collection of October, have a look We went on holiday my style. A super last minute, we booked just a flight three days before take off and no hotels booked. The plan was to go to a new destination but that plan failed. Again Mallorca. An island of Spain…

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holiday tricks

TRAVEL 21 July 2016 2 Comments

Enjoy your summer break even more with these holiday tricks Stop! Do’n leave before reading this, or read it on the way. These holiday tricks are a must-read and will make your holiday a bit more perfect. Today I’ll give you some tricks which can make life easier for you, especially if you’re a little insecure about yourself or your…

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Traveling as a plus size

TRAVEL 7 January 2015 0 Comments

I love Asia but traveling as a plus size can be difficult. Or am I just imagining this? Read my story here. Ever since I am little I love to travel. When I would go to town with my mom and we would walk by a travel agency I would always point at the adverts and tell her that one…

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