A list of blogs with personal stories, my own experiences and important topics I’d like to discuss with you can be read in Stories.

Sunday stories: selflove

STORIES 13 May 2017 0 Comments

Personal story about selflove, body positivity and beauty A topic we read about a lot which I think is really important, though I haven’t written about it before. The theme selflove is something really important and I feel we sometimes forget to adres this topic. Let’s start by telling you how I came to this topic. mayra x stedelijk Last Friday…

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Sunday Stories: skiing & spring

STORIES 26 February 2017 0 Comments

In this Sunday Stories all about my skiing trip & my love for spring I’ve spend my week in the Austrian Alps where I enjoyed a lovely skiing trip. Together with my parents, sister, brother and all kids and partners we went to Tyrol and had so much fun! I really needed a break and enjoyed it so much, I…

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Sunday stories: the first week of february

STORIES 5 February 2017 2 Comments

Sunday stories, what did I do in the first week of February? The first month of 2017 is a fact, it went by so fast. I love to read other blogs and I noticed I really liked their recaps of the week, so I decided to write one myself. Back when I was working there wasn’t much to write about, except 60…

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STORIES 11 December 2016 0 Comments

Often I refer to my blog as “a passion which got out of hand” spoken like a true blogaholic Whenever I find the time I like to go behind my computer and start writing my stories, checking my photos and preparing blogs. Just a day of doing nothing doesn’t exist anymore. Isn’t that meant for holidays? I love my blog,…

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birthday girl

STORIES 9 December 2016 6 Comments

Happy Birthday to me! Today it’s my birthday, let’s celebrate with a giveaway Today is the day I’m blowing out 35 candles. I can’t believe it! With a blink of an eye, the years went by. When writing this I feel even older. But with age comes wisdom and I am happy with that. count your blessings Last week I…

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words can hurt, sometimes

STORIES 13 November 2016 0 Comments

Oh I think you know it. Yet, you think you have the right to just say it. Words can actually hurt, sometimes You think I’m talking to you? Great, I have something to tell you. Are you shocked by this, then read my story because you probably agree with me! the elephant in the room The perfect choice of words…

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my big brother

STORIES 7 November 2016 2 Comments

Today it’s all about my big brother, the artist He’s probably think this is lame, his little sister writing a blog all about him! I promised you guys to tell you more about me and my life. Today’s it’s my brother’s birthday, so a good reason to tell you who’s in my life and what’s going on. A little party…

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STORIES 25 October 2016 0 Comments

A talk with Margo about bodyshaming You’ve seen a vlog before from Margo & me. We recorded some videos a couple of weeks ago and talked for hours. During my blog-break I came across this important topic, bodyshaping. I decided to share the video anyway, have a look and click play on the photo above. It’s in Dutch, but I’ve…

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