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Glamour Health Challenge 2017

Glamour Health Challenge 2017

Will you join me at the Glamour Health Challenge 2017 on Sunday 18th of June in Amsterdam? Set the date in your calendar, Sunday 18th of June because you don’t want to miss this! During the Glamour Health Chal... Read More...

toothache, the solution

Do you know that kind of toothache where you just want to take it out? Well, it was about to happen Over a year ago I told you about my toothache from hel. The molar was about to be pulled when it got cancelle... Read More...


Stop with all those excuses and start living! A huge dose of self love, spread it like glitter This might not sound very nice I admit but I often get to hear so many excuses. Why you don’t have to dress up, go... Read More...
ik sta in Yoek magazine

feature in Yoek magazine

I’m featured in Yoek Magazine and it makes me so proud to be appreciated for what I do This morning I woke up and as usual I checked my social media and emails first, yes I am a blogaholic! To my surprise a ma... Read More...
Hay fever

Hay fever

Yes, by now I know all the jokes. Hay fever, but unfortunately for me no more bye fever. I have had it, already! To be honest I didn't know how hay fever felt like. What is it and why is everybody so frustrate... Read More...
interview ms mode stylist, thebiggerblog

interview with designers

For a long time I had a wish, to interview a styling team that designs for plus sizes. And it came true, I did the interview! When I wasn't working in the fashion industry yet I could often wonder how plus siz... Read More...
wear your size, style has no size, thebiggerblog

women don’t wear their size

It surprisingly to see how many women don't wear their size? Okay you are a plus size but please don't wear those huge items. Or do you get tent poles with that? Why would you want to hide yourself? Are you ha... Read More...
wat is plus size?

plus size, what does it mean and do we want to use this term?

Does plus size automatically means fat too? It all depends on the way you look at it. Fat is an understanding, a saying, not a measurement. It all comes down to sizes. You see, plus size starts at size 42 European size. So is this fat? Or does it just indicates a certain fit or shape?

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