the perfect mascara

the perfect mascara

By accident I found the perfect mascara

Normally I always shop the same products or brands. I don’t like to vary, sticking to what’s safe is an easy way for me to avoid things that I will throw away. For years I’ve been using Maybelline mascaras. I do swop between brush type but always the same brand. It’s long-lasting, no crumbs and separates the lashes perfectly. I’ve tried other brands the past two years but nothing was really good. Even when I treated myself to a fancy one from YSL I didn’t notice that much difference. It was nice btut also finished within a few weeks, to soon. So back to Maybelline. Until I had do to sometimes make up and I used her mascara…

the perfect mascara

I didn’t like it one bit. The thin brush, the silicone ends and it was wiggling when I opened the mascara. She gave me a brand new one, so I just assumed all new mascaras work nice. I did noticed it was easy to apply to someone else, as this can be tricky. So I decided to buy one when I saw a good offer. So when I ran out of mascara and didn’t find any extras in my make up drawer, I decided to give this one a go as I was in a hurry.

the perfect mascara

Applying was indeed very easy, of course putting on your own mascara is always easier then someone else’s. Often I have to get used to a new one but not this time. My lashes when all the way up, almost like I used a lash curler. It surprised me to see how well the lashes were separated even though the brush doesn’t look defined. De color is deep black and again, no crumbs. Would this be the life changing mascara for me?

the perfect mascara the perfect mascara

Yes! Sometimes when I make blog photos I like to use small pieces of false lashes but not with the mascara. I like it how it opens up my eyes. It’s bizar, I never imagined it would be possible for a mascara to actually make a difference.

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