StyleTone Box February

StyleTone Box February

What’s in the February StyleTone box? I received my second box and a little extra!

Last week I received the second box, the February edition but that wasn’t all. I also received an extra box with goodies, because I ordered it with a promotion code. It’s always fun to receive extra little gifts.

February box

The first box was perfect, it had exactly those items I love to use so how would the second box be? I’ve received it over a week ago and I’ve tried almost all the products by now. I’m still very exited about the box and its contents.

StyleTone Box Februari

Emité diamond heart creme

This cute little item is not a lip balm like I first thought but it’s a highlighter cream which you can apply on your face for some strobing action. It’s a perfect combination with contouring, I always apply some highlighter on my cheeks, on the top part of the upper lip and the tip of my nose. I’ve applied it after I used my BB cream but before I use any powder. It gives a nice, natural glow and not too heavy. To emphasize it you can also use another layer of powder high lighter.

Lord & Berry eyeliner

On the picture below you can see three more items. One of these is the eyeliner pencil in color smart purple, a deep purple tone which I already wear a lot as eyeliner but I haven’t tried this one before. It’s not my signature blue liner, but I think it works well with all color eyes. It’s a nice, full color but the pencil is a bit soft, so applying it very thin is a little bit difficult. To be honest, I like it best this way. I apply it and then I divide it with a little brush, It says it’s waterproof, but it’s more smudge proof instead.

StyleTone Box Februari

Manna Kadar lip locked priming wand

A very long name for such a small item don’t you think? This is a lipstick in the vorm of a pencil, which I love to apply quick and easy. The color joie is a light pink-ish tone and is a perfect neutral color. I love to carry such a lipstick in my purse, always easy to apply and the color matches almost everything. This has a primer in it as well so I’m curious to find out how long it lasts. So far, so good but I hope this was the last lipstick in the boxes for now?

Manna Kadar lash primer

Even though I love make up, this is a product I really never use, a primer for my lashes. By using this you take extra care of your lashes, which is probably a good thing if you wear mascara like me everyday. With this as a base you can also remove the mascara and make up applied afterwards a lot better. So beautiful lashes should be the end result, let’s give it a try. I can’t really assure you it works as I haven’t used it long enough to see any real difference.

StyleTone Box

Naomi body scrub

You might not believe me but this is what I needed! A nice body scrub to apply to my skin, remove all dead skin cells after a long winter. I always start prepping my skin before spring comes since I’m so lousy at it. So when I know the time for bare arms and legs is coming, I start preparing my skin and nurturing it a little extra.

StyleTone Box


When I applied for this box I was promised a little extra when I would take a three month box. Since I only pay about €12,67 per box I didn’t mind going for three months. So as a little extra I received a new, small box with three lip products inside. Three beautiful products which I tested immediately.

StyleTone Box

A lip pencil in a very neutral tone from Glo Minerals, in color native which is perfect for a clean look. The Tinted Brilliance Balm from Pixi by Petra is a handy lipbalm in the shape of a stick. The color is Orchid Petal, which applies beautifull and has a plus, it smells wonderful. Not so neutral is the Tuscan Red lipstick from Chara, don’t you just love this color?

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  • Athena 18 March 2017 11:48

    What!! I also started my subscription in the NL on February and I didn’t get any of the extras!! 😮

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