A smile is the sexiest curve on your body but what I’ve you’re holding back laughing out loud?

A beautiful mouth and a healthy set of teeth is very important and often the first things someone sees when meeting you. Perhaps because of this I heard so many times “did you always had that yellow tooth?”. Unfortunately the answer to that question was always yes.

baby teeth

I remember like it was yesterday, I was in kindergarden and it was spring, I think because I went to the teacher to get a new colouring book with daffodils on them. She was in the front of the class where I walked up to, on my socks. The carpet there was no problem, but when I got the colouring card and walked back to my desk it happened. The floor at that part was linoleum and because I was focussing on my card in stead of my walking I slipped and fell with my tooth on the corner of my desk. Auch! Panic!


It was early 1980’s so they called my dad, he picked my up and sat me on the coach with some ice (or something) to put on my face and I waited till my mom got back from grocery shopping. We went to the dentist and they couldn’t do anything so I had to wait for the grownups-tooth would come. It took ages, I think I walked around with a hole in my mouth for a whole year!

grownups tooth

There it was, after all that waiting but I wasn’t so happy with it because it kept on aching whenever I ate something really cold or warm. For years it troubled me but at least I had my own tooth! When I turned about 20 something happened, it got infected on the gums I had to go to a specialist. Supposedly the best and I had to go there twice for almost two hours each time (!!) and even more often to get it bleached. My tooth was healed, no more pain but I was informed it could get darker and even yellow. At least the pain was gone!


drama years

I often yoke that ever since I turned 30 years old I’m starting to fall apart, all sorts of things. You can probably guess whah’s coming, that same tooth was acting up again and got infected again, after almost 14 years. I didn’t even noticed it, I’m so used to feeling things in that tooth! The dentist showed me and sent me to the specialist, again the best so I heard! Guess what, this endodontic was taught by specialist number 1, it’s a small word. Of course I cried my eyes out, it wasn’t my first visit. This how my tooth was before:



If you have a tooth (or teeth) like me, don’t hesitate to check with your dentist or specialist. For years I assumed this was it until I went to a specialist, no new tooth or cover up and I’m still very happy I did it. To be honest, it wasn’t cheap, even after my insurance paid out I still had to pay quite a bit. What did he do, he opened up the old spot and cleaned everything up. Again bleached it out until I almost gave light!



Sometimes I think it’s easier to go to a specialist then for a regular check up. Even though these appointments took me over one-and-a-hald hour each I’m still very happy with my new smile. I was so used to the yellow tooth that I had to remember myself that I could smile again with wide mouth open! I can still catch my surprise in the mirror when seeing my improved tooth. It didn’t hurt one bit, except for being scared!


have you been to such specialists?

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