Maybelline Master Ink eyeliner [review]

Maybelline Master Ink eyeliner [review]

During my skiing trip I did the ultimate test of the Maybelline Master Ink matte eyeliner in black. Will it change my signature blue liner?

What’s better than testing an eyeliner in any type of weather? During my skiing trip in Austria I stopped by the budget drugstore DM and bought the Maybelline eyeliner in mat black and tested thoroughly. On the slopes, during the apres-ski and after cooking dinner. Find my review below and the final outcome at the end of the page.


My love for mat make up is big, I love to wear all things mat except for my highlighter, of course. A mat life would be perfect but most of the time I look like a glow worm! When I saw this liquid eyeliner in mat black I just had to shop and test it. It’s been a while since I’ve used a liquid eyeliner, mostly I use a dip liner or a kohl pencil. After a few trials I got the hang of it again, just like the old days.

Maybelline matte eyeliner


If you follow me for a while you know I have a signature blue eyeliner which I normally wear. Black is still an all time classic though it’s been years since I’ve used a liquid liner like this. I think I was in university when I was using these long before there was waterproof eyeliner. I was a bit sceptic as the liner says smudge proof, so it’s not waterproof. Luckily techniques change and so I gave it another go.

Maybelline matte eyeliner


The ultimate test was to use the eyeliner during skiing! Let’s see how it goes when I wear this during rain, snow and bright sunshine with tearing eyes? With a pair of perfect black wings I went skiing and because I went so fast I got tears in my eyes, putting on and off goggles for snow and rain and also sitting in the sun. The liner remained at its place after a full day of skiing, cooking and so on: it had passed the work out test.

Maybelline matte eyeliner


This eyeliner is liquid, very liquid so it needs a steady hand to apply or just a lot of practice. Despite all this, the wing turned out perfectly with an immense sharp angle, just how I like it. The tip of the eyeliner brush can get a little dust on it, so before using I always check it quickly, to avoid a ruined wing. It’s what it says, matte black and it’s just perfect. One thing, make sure to apply it and wait before leaving the house because if you really want it to pass for waterproof, it needs to sit a little. Let’s hope these will come in other colours as well, blue and purple please!

Maybelline Master Ink matte eyeliner

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