This is how you pack your make up brushes to avoid damaging them

When you’re a make up junkie like me, you probably have beautiful brushes to apply your make up with? There are so many brushes, so many options out there, but nothing really to carry it in. Yes, there are suitcases, holders but nothing to just pack for a few days away for example. When your space is limited. I often use a beautycase for my make up because I don’t want my bushes to get damaged, all hairs out of order. Not anymore! I found a solution.

kwasten veilig vervoeren

Finally I’ve found something which doesn’t ruin my brushes in a bag. I ordered this on Ali Express and I haven’t seen it before in any make up shops? It’s like a long tube which you can cut into pieces. I’ve cut them in parts of about 8 cm. Slide it onto the backside of the bush and move it all the way up. Don’t push it back, it will ruin the hair direction. It also works on the smaller brushes, but I don’t really need it for those. I guess now I have a good excuse to start shopping for a new, smaller, beautycase (or bag).

kwasten veilig vervoeren

So now I just pack all my (larger) brurehs in this way so I can bring a smal(ler) beautycase. Perfect! Did you know this?

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