make up fact #1

We all use make up or face products but what does that little sign means on the back of these products? Let me tell you this make up fact.

We all read the expiry dates on food and drinks but do we do the same with products that we use for our face on a daily basis? Yes girls, there is an expiry date for make up. I always knew this, I just thought it was a thumb rule or something, but no, there is an actual sign for this. Just as important to know about what we put on our face.

make up fact #1

That strange little sign on the back, that little bucket with an open lid and some numbers, that’s it! Okay, right, so we know now. What does it mean? The numbers indicate the number of months it’s advised to use after the products was openend. Lots of girls are probably using their products a lot longer then is being advised?

Does this apply to you? How long do you use you make up?

Just take a look at your make up, check the backside and search for this sign. Perhaps you need to replace them? Besides the expiry date it’s also important to keep your products clean. When you won’t be using your eye pencils for a while but you want to keep them, make sure to use a pencil sharpener to store it all clean. The same goes for lipsticks and such products, clean the top part with a tissue. Also wipe of your make up boxes regularly, don’t forget the inside. Hygiene is in the smallest things. We all blame our diet or our bad skin, but don’t forget it might be the -unsuspected- lack of hygiene in your products.

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