how to apply mascara

how to apply mascara

How to apply mascara quick and easy. All the do’s and don’ts on mascara you need to know

Most women use mascara daily. Do you want more tips or are you starting to us it? For the die hard make up users I don’t have to explain but lets start at the beginning.

When you do your make up make sure you have a proper mirror. Whether it’s a huge bathroom mirror or a small handheld one, it depends on what’s comfortable for you. The light is most important. It’s best to do your make up in fake light which shines to your face (not on your head coming form above). Day light is the worst because it can easily result into too much make up. 

take your time

When you’re a first time mascara user or you use it only occasionally then make sure you take your time. Is your hand not as steady as you’d like it be then work at a desk or table so that your elbow can rest and you have a stable position. Start with the eye on the side of your writers hand. This is often the easiest one, best to start with. When you take out the brush from the mascara then clean the edge by smearing it along the opening.

how to apply

Keep the brush horizontal, aligned to your eye. Place the brush onto your upper eyelashes, as close ss possible to your eyelid. Take your time and work gently, don’t poke your eye! Slide the brush upwards and work your way from the inside towards the outside of the eye. Make sure to apply it on all hairs.

“Practice makes perfect. You have to find your own method”

Most people do a zig zag motion which causes the hairs to go deeper into the brush for more effect. When you are applying the mascara make sure to position the eyelashes straight and divided. When needed use the end of the brush. The next move is to brush along the top side of the upper eyelashes, this one is tough. Make sure to be gently so that the lashes don’t position downwards. If it’s difficult to brush it then use the end of the brush. Repeat the fist step once make and brush all lashes upwards. This is also your second layer.

Don’t forget the bottom lashes. Again keep the brush straight aligned to your eye. Brush downwards. Use the tip of the brush to re position the hairs to make them straight. All done! 

apply mascara

Tip do you have little lumps on your lashes then use a cotton swab with a little Vaseline on it and swipe it gently along the lumps to remove them
Tip did you spil some mascara on your eyelid? Wait until the mascara dries up (several minutes) and then swipe it off with a dry cotton swab.
Tip Mascara stains on your clothing can be removed with some warm water and soap.

When your lashes don’t curl by their own then you could use a lash curler. These are not expensive at all and you can buy them at any make up store. Make sure to read how this is done. Also make sure to add the given rubber protection on the ends of the curler to avoid cutting off your lashes. 

Waterproof mascara does really work. When you have teary eyes, going to an emotional event or like to walk through the rain then this is the right solution. It appears that waterproof mascara is better for allergic eyes. Most mascaras which aren’t tested on animals are mostly waterproofs only. 

out of stock? 

The worst case scenario: your favorite mascara is no longer available! What to do? What to keep in mind, there are so many options you can freak out. Make sure to buy as mascara that suits your needs. So what do you look for:

♥ waterproof or not?
♥ which color: black or brown?
♥ what kind of eyelashes do you have and what is the desired efrfect: full, longer, curled etc
It’s not rocket sience, it should make you feel pretty. Most important it should be easy to handle.

read here about my favourite mascara

the perfect mascara

what’s your favourite mascara? 

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