Did you know the best hair mask is sitting right in your kitchen cabinet?

Unfortunately I don’t always have time to look around on pinterest but when I do, I love to check out the beauty tricks. I found this huge list of what to do with coconut oil. One of the things was making a hair mask, easy peasy. There is was, sitting in my kitchen cabinet, the quickest hair mask ever.


Oh my, not such a fabulous photo of me. A real yes I woke up like this photo. In the past I would wash my hair daily and styled it accordingly. It took me some time to get rid of this daily hair washing routine. Since a few years my hair has become much thinner so I’m doing all I can to keep it healthy. On those no-hair-wash days I use a flat iron or a curler which dries out the hair slightly. To keep my hair in shape I use a hair mask now and then.


I’ve found several pins on coconut oil for beauty purposes. One of the options was this hair mask. Ever since I’ve been doing this and I’m happy with the results. The coconut oil is not liquid but once you place it in your hand and rub them a little, it because liquid because of the warmth of your hands. I have massaged the oil over my hair and scalp making sure all is covered.


Not the most charming photo is it? So this is what it looks like once all has been covered. I’ve used the comb to avoid hair tangles and to make sure I’ve covered it all. I let it sit for about half an hour up to an hour. They say you can also sleep with this mask in though I haven’t tried it. I wash it out like I normally do, I rinse it a few times extra. After this mask my hair feels soft, less frizzed and has a nice shine.

do you use coconut oil as a beauty product?

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