false lashes

An easy way for stunning make up are false lashes. 5 easy tricks for the right lashes!

false lashesYou will look even more stunning with false lashes, if you use the right ones. It can really emphasize your eyes without having to do lots of make up tricks. However you can also go too far with these false lashes, so make sure you use the right ones. Here are 5 easy tricks to get the right lashes.

1 buy the right ones

There are lots of different types of eye lashes. If you can only find 1 or 2 options in the shop which don’t suit you, go to a different shop. The right lashes will create your gorgeous look, the wrong ones will just make you look like a.. you know what.

2 which suit your face?

Go for black! Colored lashes are fun but in my opinion not always pretty. Which to choose? If you have a round shaped face you can go wild and use heavier lashes, especially when you have a darker skin tone. For women with sharper lines in your face, or a more angular face you can probably keep it down and use more natural lashes. When your face is narrow, what ever shape it is, choose lashes which start small and go wider to the end of the eyes.

false lashes

3 moment of applying

Make sure to measure the length of the lashes and compare it to the length of your eyelid. If necessary cut off the ends to match the length of your eyelid. Too long lashes will curl up as they will not fall in the natural way. Make sure your eyes are clean (and not greasy from the make up remover oil). The glue will stick perfectly to clean lids without any grease or concealers. If you want to use it, make sure you have applied the concealer an hour before.

4 how to apply

This is the part where most women freak out, how to apply the lashes. It’s a lot harder then you think, I agree. Put a little glue on a mirror (or your hand) and make sure it’s applied all over the lash line. Don’t apply straight out of the glue bottle as it might be difficult to control. Dip the beginning and the end once more into the glue. Make sure you have a good mirror in front of you and start with the inside of the eye. Apply on the lash line and hold it a for a minute to let it dry. Then gently push the rest of the lash onto the line of the eyelid all the way to the end. Again hold it gently and let it sit for a minute. Make sure not to push the lashes down too much and avoid the glue to stick to the tweezers or your hands.

false lashes

5 finish your look

Once the lashes are applied you can finish your look. Don’t forget to apply mascara when you’re finished. Brush it gently on the top lashes, but apply also on the lower lashes for a fuller look. If you have a white color based glue, then apply liquid black eyeliner to the lash line.

false lashes


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