A make up look & review about this l’Oreal make up palette

Last December I received a package of hair styling products from l’Oreal and inside was another present, this make up palette. I love the products they had sent me for my hair, with this new do I really need these type of products on a daily basis. The palette I received needed some testing first. It’s called l’Oreal extravaganza goes fatale. Let’s see what’s right about this name!

l’Oreal extravaganza

the box

It arrived in a box which was purple which is so not my colour but I decided to stay positive. Inside was a box, or a bag, how do you call something like this with a zipper? Anyway I liked it already without opening it. I have a thing for black lacquered stuff like this. All it needed was a bow and I wouldn’t have opened it, just kept it like this, all cute! Okay, now I’m loosing it. Let’s get back to business.


I used the cooler tones for the eye lid and the brown tone underneath my eyes

l’Oreal extravaganza


Of course I’ve opened it and I was pleasantly surprised! I love make up but I never really buy a palette. I just think it’s not all my colour and then I find it a waste to use only have of it. When it’s a present it’s different, so I was determined to use every product. The eye shadows are really nice, very much now, fashion colour. Though it were the same colours as in the 1990s! I remember back then (so old!). Anyway, all were perfect expect for the black, it didn’t had so much pigmentation. Though this did result into a much better division of the make up, no blurs. I really like the outcome of this extravaganza.

l’Oreal extravaganza

this lipstick is on fire! I hope it’s also available separately

l’Oreal extravaganza

Secretly I’m proud of this photo, no filer, nothing.. don’t you just love make up!


Besides the eye skadowns there’s also a bronzer, though this is so light. Much too light, it would be a base power tone for me in summer so I applied and then just used my own products. The three lipsticks are wild, but it’s for an extravaganza look right! I used the pink one, that’s more my thing. The gold tone I will not use, or perhaps as a lips highlighter? There is a mascara enclosed as well. Last year I switched from brand after 1 millions years, which was to l’Oreal. I was happily surprised with this mascara, even though the big brush I really like the way it applied and how it looks.

 l’Oreal extravaganza has surprise me, what do you think of this look?

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