Essential for good make up are clean brushes

For the best result and best hygiene make sure to work with clean make up brushes. Let me tell you how. Whether you are the only one using your brushes or you like to apply the make up to others too, it’s always important to keep the bushes clean. I clean my brushes every 2 to 3 months, depending on how much I have used them. It’s easy and simple, you just have to make the effort.

clean make up brushes

What do you need?

♥ your used make up brushes
♥ brush cleaner, I am using M.A.C. brush cleaner
♥ bowl of lukewarm water
♥ towel

Poor the MAC brush cleaner into the luke warm water. I use about 3/4th water and 1/4th brush cleaner. Place your brush into the bowl and start stirring gently. Don’t push the brush into the bowl upside down, this can mess up the brush. Keep stirring and go from left to right, push the brush gently against the side of the bowl to squeeze out all the make up. Place the brush onto the towel and proceed with the other brushes.

clean make up brush

Once all brushes are done, repeat this again with a new, fresh bowl. Once finished repeat it for the last time with just water, making sure the water remains clear. This means your brushes are clean. Squeeze the brushes gently so that most water comes off.

clean make up brushes

Make sure not to ruin the original shape or hair direction of the brushes. Place them on the towel and leave them to dry over night (at least 12 hours). The way you place them is how they will dry up. As final touch you can clean the handles of the brushes with a make up remover towel or cloth.

clean make up brushes

tips & tricks

♥ make sure to apply your make up before cleaning the brushes, you won’t be able to use them for the rest of the day
♥ if you are in a hurry then speed up the dry time by using a dry blower, from at least 50 cm distance and a low speed

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  1. Doris Porter

    I use M.A.C. brush cleaner, too. It is such a great cleaner. I tied several times to wash my brushes with shampoo. The result was …..average. M.A.C. brush cleaner is better. Thank you for sharing this article! Greetings!


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