I’ve saved up my beauty stash from last month, let me show you what I’ve finished

It surprised me to see how many beauty products I finish up in a month so I decided to save them so I can show you. Some of the products aren’t that special but I couldn’t do without.

beauty stash July

make up 

It occurred to me that I never finish my make up. I often have an alternative lying around which I use when I notice the other one is running out. Stupid actually, because I can better finish it and toss it away instead. There is something about finishing beauty product and just not accepting the fact that I have to toss it I guess. I’ve got so many products, I have decided to finish all of them one by one and tossing it away.

beauty stash July

hair products 

The past few years my hair has become thinner and I’m not happy with that at all. In order to not loose much more hair I decided to treat it better. I wash it a lot less then I used to, not daily anymore. I try to switch shampoos as well.

beauty stash July

every day products 

Initially I wondered why I should also use these in my blog but when I went to the store to pick up new ones, I realized how many different brands and types there are. So these are the ones I love to use, for years already the same daily products. The shampoo is the only product which I vary in, which I will explain to you in the vlog. However it’s in Dutch, but feel free to leave a message below if you have any questions or suggestions.

beauty stash July

I made a vlog about the products and what I think of them, or what I use them for. Sorry guys, it’s in Dutch but you can use the translator?

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