What are your summer holiday plans? Go prepared and read these 5 make up tips for summer

Lovely! Sun, sea and the beach but we also want to look great. How to combine these two? It’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Even if you are using less make up in summer, let me give you my 5 summer tips.

5 make up tips for summer

Protect your face from the sun and use a face cream with SPF. Do you still use a foundation in summer? Then buy a new one with the right color matching your skin tone. Apply this after you have used a SPF cream or buy one which has an SPF included. You only have one face, protect it!

5 make up tips for summer

Your eyelashes and eyebrows lighten up because of the sun, the hairs get blond. You can dye these, that solves the problem. Use brow pencil or powder to give your face more expression but make sure you do this in the most natural way. Mascara is a must. Perhaps for your holiday buy a waterproof mascara, easier for swimming and outdoor activities? Make sure to buy a make up remover which can be used for waterproof make up.

5 make up tips for summer

Don’t forget your lips! These need to be protected against the sun as well. There are lipsticks which have an SPF or just use a special lip balm. Did you know that natural coconut oil has a a SPF 15? Read here how to make your own lip balm.

5 make up tips for summer

Your snikten is darker compared to the rest of the year so make sure to adjust your make up accordingly. Prevent too light colored eye make up, this can look trashy. Use a slight darker tone, perhaps peach or vanille tones. When you are using a basic eyeshadow for your whole eye as a base, then buy a darker tone. Use mat eye shadows, especially when your face is red or you have a sunburn. 5 make up tips voor de zomer

The most important tip is this one, though it’s often forgotten. Check your routing! Your face changes, your hair color might even lighten up so the colors you are using for your make up might not be the right ones. Check what matches your sunny face.

where are you going on your next holiday?

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