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The (ugly) Christmas jumper has been my outfit for years on Christmas morning

Something which never had anything to do with fashion was my corny Christmas jumper. My idiotic love for Christmas is the reason why I bought this jumper years ago during a sample sale. It was ridiculous, the same sale was from my work and I knew it was a second hand jumper shopped at a thrift shop and still I wanted it. I always wear it on Christmas morning, when we unpack all the gifts with my family during breakfast. I’ve lined up the jumper which are all available in plus size.

santa & reindeers

If you think this is nothing for you then check out these options. There is really something for everybody this year! Check out all the different styles lined up, all available in plus size. Click on the photo to check out the details in sizing and price. Some are even available in different colours too. It’s the time of the season!

kersttruichristmas jumper











pretty in pastel

Such a cute jumper for this winter in pastel colours. These are great to wear all winter and not necessarily just for Christmas. If you’re not into the bright colours like red then this is a great option.

lelijke kersttruikersttrui

lelijke kersttrui


The traditional winter jumper to me are these kind, with the jacquard borders. I think this is a real classic style and also great to wear all winter. So this would be the most economical option if you like. The ecru and the red one are both available in different colours, so click the images to check out all the options.

lelijke kersttruikersttrui

lelijke kersttrui









winter white

A beautiful options if you ask me, is winter white. It’s different then a typical winter jumper, so if you wear it right then it can be really gorgeous. It would be great to combine with a denim blouse to make a casual look, or on a pair of jeans. These options are great to wear all winter.

lelijke kersttruilelijke kersttruikersttrui









Christmas madness

Are you like me and would you like it to be Christmas all year? You will love these corny Christmas jumpers. It’s difficult to choose, so many options! I really like these options. I have a black one with red and green, touch of gold. I’m now thinking of also shopping a red one. During the holidays everything is possible.

kersttruilelijke kersttruilelijke kersttrui







These jumpers are really for Christmas. I would wear them in December but not all winter, but perhaps this is just me? Would you do that? It doesn’t stop me for shopping it, I would surely wear it once or twice and store it for next year again. Though the advent option is fine for the whole month.

lelijke kersttruilelijke kersttruikerstrui










Will you wear one this Christmas?



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