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Don’t be blue on the dancefloor! Throw in a little sparkle while you’re at it

Almost weekend, party time! Shop the look in your plus size and be shockingly beautiful on the dance floor. Look stunning in this sparkling top, front and backside filled with sequins in blue and black. A little sparkle never killed nobody! So what are your plans, are you going dancing, having diner or attent a party? Wear this blue look on a fake leather black pants for a super feminine, sexy look. Of course you cannot go without the latest color eyeliner trend. Some nice jewelry and sexy heels and you’re a killer on the dance floor.


To me a great look is a combination of fashion, make up and hair. All has to be combined the right way. You don’t need to show a complete outfit, work with what you’ve got to create this look. This color combination is amazing, and gives a cool look. If you don’t like to wear open shoes or heels then just go for an elegant ankle boot. Either way, you have to feel comfortable in it and then you will look great, no matter what you wear. Would you be wearing this look when you go out?

top NewLook blue and black sequins
trousers NYDJ black fake leather
cross strap heels NewLook
handbag H&M
eyeliner Sephora Make up forever | Majorelle Blue 15L – metallic royal blue
earrings Nordstrom

enjoy the weekend!

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