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Finding the right pair of jeans can be very difficult. There are so many different styles, fits and washes. Do you know how these are being made?


There is a lot to it then just producing a pair of jeans. First the fabric has to be picked out, this is not so simple. The base fabric of jeans is called raw fabric, unwashed. So in order to develop the right look you have to know how this fabric washes out. A special laundry can wash these jeans in many different ways, you have to figure out which one you want before proceeding. Then the design and fit is the next step.


First all trousers are being sewed in raw material, a dark indigo denim blue fabric. Which at first is stiff and has a hard handfeel. Once the sewing is ready they go with hundreds at a time in a washing machine. The method of washing can be done in several ways, for example a stonewash is literarely done with stones as shown on the photo.


The key with jeans is the laundry. How the jeans is washed and treated is what makes it those pair of jeans you are buying in the shops. Some techniques are done before washing, some after. The jeans are put on special dummies and then the proces begins, often bij hand. This makes the creases at your crotch, the handmade holes in on your legs or the rough edges on the pockets.

end product

After washing and hanging to dry the jeans are ready. The garment will get the trims and labels attached. A final check is being done and the pair of jeans is ready. A process which can takes a few weeks to produce.

Did you know there went so much time, effort and work into one pair of jeans? Do you wear clean denim of do you prefer the heavy washed ones? 

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