words can hurt, sometimes

words can hurt, sometimes

Oh I think you know it. Yet, you think you have the right to just say it. Words can actually hurt, sometimes

You think I’m talking to you? Great, I have something to tell you. Are you shocked by this, then read my story because you probably agree with me!

the elephant in the room

The perfect choice of words for all the haters. Let me start by saying my story is not about me. Even though a week back people were telling me that my outfit was fit for the red light district and were asking me if I was working in the porn industry. Oh yes. And may I add that the only part naked were my hands and my face, I was completely, fully dressed and covered up. Still women thought they had the right to talk like this to me on social media. This post is about how much impact words can have. Do you realise what you’re saying, really?


Perhaps it’s because I’m this arrogant that those words didn’t do anything to me? Or is it because I’m already used to it? Fine, I take that as a complement. I’m happy with myself, I love the way I dress and I don’t mind showing it. In my opinion this is a whole lot I have accomplished in my life, despite my size. Why do people think they have the right to share their opinion on everything, just because it’s online? Words can really hurt sometimes and it even makes people secluded from the world. Afraid to make photos of themselves and even more afraid to post anything online.


Well, perhaps I’m not even the right person to write this blog. I’ve been plus size ever since I was 8 years old and I was never really bullied about that. Of course I’ve been told fatty, or cow and so on but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t yell things like stick finger, or freckle head, long john etc. Being kids, being mean and bullying on the obvious is what kids do. Just yelling these things randomly is something I never did as a kid, but some grownups do this now like it’s a normal thing to do. Just because it’s online. I’m sure that when I would meet these people in real life that they would never have said this to me, not to my face. They wouldn’t dare.


social media

It’s so easy, to write something from behind your computer and not thinking it through. Bullying others probably makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself? Why not, they put the photo online so I can share my opinion, this is what you’re thinking right? Do you think about what you write, or you just place a comment? Probably. Because your are only thinking about YOUR opinion. What YOU wouldn’t wear. How would you like it if I would reply to every photo from you? Oh right. You don’t post them online. I bet I know why. You think the same way about your own reflection. Your own insecurity is what makes you like this. Tell me, does it work? Does it makes you feel better, shitting on other people?

in real life

Whenever I walk down the street, I sometimes notice people watching. It’s not very common for a fat person to feel absolutelty great about themselves. Oh no, of course they don’t look at me that way. What was I thinking. They were looking at me because I’m fat (and even ugly). There are always two sides to look at things. I go for the first option. Days when I feel down (or when I actually look like crap) I could choose option two. It’s too bad that too many women automatically choose option two. And this is all because of you. You and your big mouth who make women feel even more insecure, whatever size they have. Whatever colour their skin has. Whatever age they are. Whatever their length is. Whatever they’re eating. Stop it, let them be themselves.

improve the world

Do you know that saying “improve the world, start with yourself”? We could all start yelling back, let our friends and followers shout back. This is never the solution because it’s not up for debate. It’s not a discussion how someone looks and what you think of it. You can share you opinion, even if you dislike the look, sure. Do it with the same respect as you would like to get comments. And when all that negativity is being shared, be that one person who changes the world with some positivity.

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