women don’t wear their size

women don’t wear their size

It surprisingly to see how many women don’t wear their size?

Okay you are a plus size but please don’t wear those huge items. Or do you get tent poles with that? Why would you want to hide yourself? Are you happy with yourself and this is your style, please do go ahead! I am talking about the insecure ladies.. Even if you are not happy with the way you look you are still a human being. Let me give you some advise:

wear your size

1) you can’t hide

I don’t know why but some ladies just wish to disappear! Dissolve into thin air.. Okay, thin I understand! But why do you want to be invisible? If you are so unhappy with yourself you have to work on it. I know what you think, loose weight but that’s easier said then done. So while you are working on that, which doesn’t go as fast as we’d all like, work on the rest too. The rest -by the way- is more important anyway! Feeling good about yourself is really important and you have to get out of that circle of I am only pretty if I loose weight because that’s not the answer to everything in life. It’s about feeling positive about yourself. Once you do your body will show this and you will look beautiful in any size!

2) wearing those huge outfits only make you look even bigger

Trust me, those huge outfits will make you look even bigger. I am not saying you have to walk around in a corset all day but just wearing your own size is so important. Often curvy ladies are used to getting the biggest size in the clothing rack. But check if this is your size. When you can’t fit in it you don’t buy it, the same applies when it might be too big. You have to find that fine line between too tight and comfortably right.

3) the size doesn’t always tell you it’s right

The biggest size in the rack or your standard size because I always wear this size is not the way to shop. So many brands, so many factories, so many fabrics.. and so many size variations. Don’t check the garment only on your demands (does my belly show, does my butt looks big in this, are my boobs falling out etc) but look if the garment suits you well. Of course checking your plus points and bad points is very important, but don’t forget to check beyond that.

4) you don’t have to wear the latest fashion to look good

The latest fashion is not always nice on you. This goes for all sizes, not everybody can be as fashionable as they’d like. However you don’t have to wear the latest trends to look good. And remember, each season has several trends and styles. Just find the one which suits you best.

5) looking good doesn’t have to be expensive

 Another thing, looking good doesn’t have to be expensive as well. You just need the right basics and trics. Don’t always shop in the same store, nowadays there are so many plus size brands that you can vary. Just like regular shops and brands there are different price levels in plus sizes too. Pilot stores, multi brand shops and lots of webshops are available worldwide.

you are beautiful – just the way you are

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