Love for Veto

Love for Veto

My love for Veto is growing with each collection. This time I have tried on their jeans and I can tell you, I am not taking them off!

Last week I have visited Oopz, a Dutch shop who sells clothing for women in any size: size EU 38 till EU 52. A great concept and I hope more shops will follow this example. Of course theBiggerBlog visited the shop and fell in love..

Verliefd op Veto Verliefd op Veto

Somehow I didn’t find the right shop to try out styles from Veto. I have seen lots of Veto online but never really tried them. After I saw their full collection on the Just BIB fair I was hooked! They are one of the few brands who sell regular sizes as well as plus sizes. This is noticeable in their collection too, by not only having those typical plus size styles but also lovely regular styles but in a larger size.

 I hope that one day fashion is about diversity, in every way – Josine Wille

I don’t think it has anything to do with size -besides the fact that there are less jeans brands available for curvy women- but finding the right pair takes an awful lot of work and effort. For this reason I normally just skip the fact that “I really need a new pair of jeans” and just accept it. This time I didn’t. I tried them on and I must say, very nice. Comfortable stretch but a nice denim, firm enough to hold everything in place. The waistband height is just right for me, as I don’t prefer very high waisted jeans. Nice back pockets (not those tiny ones) and a trendy finish too! It was love at first sight (and fit).

Verliefd op Veto Verliefd op Veto Verliefd op Veto

I am wearing a green short sleeve t-shirt from Junarose on these jeans. The faux leather jacket is from a previous collection, but a similar one is also available from Junarose. Wear it with a pair of nice sneakers and you’re ready for a casual weekend!

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  • Sergio 16 June 2015 13:27


    You should check our website, OCTOBER has more than 100 stores and now is comig from Spain to the whole Europe and North America! (also Holland, for sure)


    Sergio Vidaña.

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