Traveling as a plus size

I love Asia but traveling as a plus size can be difficult. Or am I just imagining this? Read my story here.

Ever since I am little I love to travel. When I would go to town with my mom and we would walk by a travel agency I would always point at the adverts and tell her that one day I will be going there. The cities on the adverts were Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Bombay etc. And I made it there, and more places.


With a d-tour I finally went to collage and did an international course which gave me the perfect excuse to do my internship abroad. I was planning to go to Russia but school didn’t agree “we don’t want you to come home in a body bag”. Uhm, ok? So I searched. One of my fellow students when back home during the summer to do her internship and she advised me to go the next season. So I did, my first trip to Asia: Bali, Indonesia. With an Indonesian mum I was prepared. I enjoyed every day (and to be honest, still miss it sometimes). Imagine, your first experience living on your own on such an island! I was working in a garment production factory. During these 3 months I noticed that I was different then the people around me. Was it because I was a lot bigger? Of because of my pale skin and blue eyes? Or just because I was supposedly rich because I was a student, because that’s how they see that.


With an international internship and one in Holland I finally got my Bachelor of Garment Technology. I started working right away, traveling for work was a part of the job. Perfect! The first years to Polish factories where I didn’t really stood out with my big size. In the next job I finally went to Asia. Again for the first time, on my own to China and Hong Kong. I did it before, I’d do it again. In China it’s all about food. The suppliers were surprised about my size, this was obvious. During lunch or diner, which they proudly presented to me, they were surprised about the amount I ate. Of course I ate a normal amount, but they expected me to eat a lot more because that’s why you are so big. The same applied in Turkey and India, where the people are just as friendly. They will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable, and somehow this always involves food and nice diners.


Going on holiday is like an addiction to me. People often tell me “you’re not even back yet, or you’re already planning the next trip” and that’s true. If only I could afford it. My weight never prevented me from going anywhere or doing something. Obviously I sometimes feel a lot bigger when I am in countries where the people generally are a lot lighter, as in Asian countries. But don’t forget about the awful airplane seats which keep on surprising me. I am not the only one who isn’t very comfortable in such a chair. The average person who is taller then 1.70 m, let alone if you have a few extra pounds.

Are you being held back by your weight to travel, or do other things? 

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