Plus size on the slopes

plus size winter sportDo you enjoy winter sports? In Europe I notice I hardly see plus size on the slopes. The same goes for the appropiate wardobe.

plus size winter sports 

Perhaps some people don’t do winter sports because of injuries they simply can’t. But there are so many healthy, active plus size women. I never see them on the slopes. Is this a coincedence? I don’t know. I love to ski and depending on my weight it can be very difficult, both the sport as well as finding the appropiate outfit. Because being warm and able to move, doesn’t mean I don’t want to look nice too. The worries of a plus size fashionista!

ski or snowboard?  

I love to ski! I have tried snowboarding but that wasn’t a success. What’s your favorite winter sport? Do tell me there are some plus size women around here who do winter sports?

plus size outfits 

Finding the right outfit for winter sport is seriously hard work! Most brands have a size range even up to 5XL and I can assure you, that’s a EU size 44 or 46. It can be really depressing shopping this way. So don’t bother to go to your regular shop, but check out the shops with the right brands.

Maier sports ♥ this German brand Maier Sports has regular sizes but also plus sizes. I love their ski pants, they are stretchable and wear comfortable. They fit very well, high in the waist and adjustable at the waist for a tighter fit. They have beltloops too, so you can wear a belt but suspenders are also an option. The jackets are also available in plus sizes, but have a wider fit. The plus size range goes up to size EU 52 but not all items, some only go up to EU 48 or EU 50. Each item is different in size range and some have length sizes as well. The ski trousers are also available in different colors. The German sizes generally fit wider then other European sizes.

Let it snow! Let’s go

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