transition season: your wardrobe from summer to autumn

transition season: your wardrobe from summer to autumn

It’s transition season, slowly summer is going into autumn. How to prepare your wardrobe easily?

Looking out the window in the morning and dressing accordingly is not applicable these days. Nothing changes as much as the weather and September is the transition season. One day the sun is out but with a fierce wind, other days it’s cloudy but a comfortable temperature. The transition season makes dressing up a real challenge. Though there are some simple tricks to adjust your outfit picks without pulling out all the heavy jumpers and thick cardigans from the attic.

  1. accessories – add a scarf in stead of a necklace, or wear a knitted one with a biker jacket as an autumn jacket. A hat, cap or baret is also a fun accessory and matches the current fashion style perfectly. It’s also ideal for rainy days and bad hair days.
  2. shoes – wear pumps, sneakers or ankle boots underneath your outfits in stead of open toe flip flops and sandals. The same look, different shoes can turn your outfit into autumn with this easy trick.
  3. tights & socks – combine your outfit now with bare legs and on cold days just wear tights. Same outfit, different look. Socks can also be a fun change and really update your outfit. For the real fashion girl, cute socks in open shoes or sandals can be fun as well!
  4. layering – wear a singlet top underneath your outfit when it gets colder, or chose a blouse with long sleeves. An extra collar underneath your dress or top is cute. The same goes for a fun cuff from a blouse which is showing. Fun details which also keep you warm are an original way of updating your look without wearing those warm jumpers and cardigans yet.

This was my outfit during the Ulla Popken Curvy Model casting days in Apeldoorn. At the end of this post I write about my sizing and the shopping links.

This outfit is a good example for transition season style. A beautiful red skirt with pleats which I wear without tights, bare legs because it’s warm enough. Tucked into the skirt I am wearing this cute leopard printed t-shirt with short sleeves. The biker jacket is perfect for when it’s cold, or to wear as an outside jacket to finish the look combined with a scarf. I have also paired this look with jeans for a more casual look. When it turns colder I will wear this with tights. The boots are also perfect for transition season, as they make the look a little more casual when sandals aren’t an option.

transition seizoen: je kledingkast van zomer naar herfst

transition seizoen: je kledingkast van zomer naar herfsttransition seizoen: je kledingkast van zomer naar herfst

The skirt is made from a comfortable jersey material and has a nice flow to it. As I am wearing it high waisted because of the baby bump, this is a size EU 46/48, which is a UK 20. What I love about this skirt is the pleated effect, which gives it a nice drape and perfectly fits over my hips and belly. The top is made from jersey as well and is also a size 46/48 as it has a wider fit. I love to tuck in shirts into a skirts’ waistband as it gives it an optical look of a dress. Plus it also emphasizes my waistline to create a nice shape silhouette. The biker jack makes the look a lot more casual, and so, a lot more me! It also has a wide fit, as I am wearing a EU size 46 here, which is UK 18. It’s made of a stretch material and has a nice cut!


biker jacket c/o Studio Untold
t-shirt c/o Studio Untold
skirt c/o Studtio Untold
earrings & boots Primark
ring Blush




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